Navratri and fasting

collection of fasting recipes

Navratri is a one of the famous Hindu festival comes immediately after end of Ganeshotsav, which is also called Sharada Navratri. Navratri word is a combination of Nav means nine and ratri means nights. So, it spans nine days of festival. 

Navratri celebrates differently in different parts of India with different religious belief behind it. This festival starts on 1st days of Hindu month Ashvin which typically comes in September or October.

In northern part of India Navratri celebrates for the symbolic win of Durga over demon while in southern India for win of Rama over Ravana. Whole 9 days it is great celebration of Hinduism.

Navratri ends with Vijayadashmi or Dussehra where people immerse statue of Goddess Durga or burnt statue of Ravana.

These 9 days of Navratri most of the people observes fast.

We have here tried to explain different recipes which you would like to try:

Sabudana laddu
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Sabudana laddu with step by step photos is very easy and quick upwas recipe.

Sabudana is most popular and used ingredients on upwas. If you are fan of sabudana khichdi but bored eating it then sabudana laddu is best option for you.

fasting puri
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Fasting puri with step by step photos – a very good and tasty recipe of puri which consists of four different types of flours. singhara flour, bhagar flour, rajgira flour and sabudana flour gives ultimate taste to puri.

sabudana idli
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Idli is very famous South Indian dish. People who keep fast for holy reasons don’t eat Idli on that day. So we have made Sabudana Idli which can be eaten on fasting day as well..

veg sabzi recipes

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